How Dads Can Help At Home During The Quarantine

With most people still in quarantine, dads are spending more time at home with their loved ones. While most fathers are taking a more active role at home than those before, women still handle most domestic tasks.

If you want to help out more at home during this difficult time, here are some things you can do.

Help With Chores


One of the things you can try at home is to help out with more chores and housework. It’s likely that you and your family already have assigned duties, but now you can help out with more tasks. It could be standard household work such as cleaning dishes, dusting furniture, or doing laundry.

Or perhaps you have tasks you’ve wanted to do for a while. Maybe you’ve been planning to clear out the roof, repair those squeaky chairs, or try out that recipe you saved. Now that you’re at home, you might have the time to check these items off your to-do list.

Study With Your Kids


Because most places have still suspended classes, learning now dominantly takes place at home. More and more parents realize how challenging it can be for teachers worldwide. Some even joke that they now believe educators should earn millions with the amount of patience they show with young learners.

As we await the end of this outbreak and the beginning of a new term, you can help your kids. Thousands of online resources will give you activities you can do with your children at home. From practice sheets and flashcards to coloring pages and informational videos, you can use these materials to teach your kids.

Alternatively, you can also go on a virtual tour with your family. Some places you can visit online include:

  • Walt Disney World. Walk past your kids’ favorite Disney landscapes and landmarks through 360-degree panoramic shots.
  • The National History Museum. Visit up to 14 different exhibits and an interactive gigapixel photo.
  • NASA. The space agency offers an app with augmented reality to let you experience being in the Horton Space Center. You can also have a 360-degree view of the galaxy.
  • The National Aquarium in Baltimore. Explore the aquarium and chill with penguins or tropical fish.
  • The San Diego Zoo. Watch animals without ever leaving your home through live cameras of the enclosures 24/7.

With virtual tours, you can visit places without having to leave your home. It’s an excellent alternative to plans you might have needed to cancel due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Teach Your Children A New Skill

Speaking of learning, you don’t have to stick to a specific curriculum or classroom work. You can also take the time during this quarantine to teach your kids a new skill or hobby.

Why not show them how to play a few basic chords on the guitar? Or teach your older kids some beginner house repair. You can also guide them on how to knit to create a simple project. It’s an excellent time to share your interests and knowledge with them. You can also learn about what might pique their interest.

Have Playtime Together


With how busy parents can get with work and other responsibilities, you might not always have time to bond. Now you can take some time to have playtime together.

A fun idea is to stage a “Family Olympics” where all household members can play. Plan out simple games you can all participate in and keep score of who wins for the day. Some suggestions for these activities include:

  • Trash can toss. Get the most paper balls into the bin in a certain amount of time.
  • Water bottle bowling. The goal is to knock down the most water bottle pins with a small ball.
  • Paper cup tower. Build the highest tower out of paper or plastic cups.

Playing with your kids can help strengthen your bond together. “When a dad engages with his child, it allows him to enter the child’s world,” says Kate Eshleman, PsyD.


In the past, many fathers may have been less involved in raising their kids and participating at home. However, there’s now a significant shift in the norm, with more dads being more proactive. In 2012, dads made up 16% of stay-at-home parents, higher than 10% in 1989.

Even during this quarantine, there’s a lot you can do to help at home. You can help out with chores that you might not have had the time for before. The extra time also gives you an opportunity to teach your kids more lessons, a new skill, or about a hobby. Lastly, the quarantine can also serve as bonding time with your family. With all the stress right now, everyone can use fun activities and games together.




Indoor Activities Dads Can Do With Kids During Quarantine


COVID-19 has made us adjust a lot of things in a short period. To stop the outbreak from spreading, schools have shut down, jobs have transitioned to remote working, etc. Now that you and the kids are home every day, how can you keep them engaged and entertained despite the situation outside? This vast transition can be challenging both for you and your child.

Here are some creative indoor activities that can keep your kids engaged while at home:

Go On Virtual Tours

Touring landmarks is the number one leisure activity. You can still do this—but virtually. It’s not nearly rewarding as in real life, but it can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time. 

You can virtually tour museums, safaris and zoos, national park, and landmarks such as:

There is a long list of free virtual tours that you can find online. Or, a simple search on Google Maps can take you on a trip all over the world. “Walking” around with your kids and making up stories along the way can be a fun and unpredictable experience.


Get Creative With Arts And Crafts

Sky’s the limit with indulging in the hobby of arts and crafts. It can be a way for children to express ideas and emotions and to explore processes and outcomes. 

You can bring out a classic paper and crayons combination, and kids can be entertained for hours. Painting is another activity—finger painting is highly-stimulating for toddlers—to get their creative juices flowing. You can also create DIY crafts out of recycled materials and natural objects.

Introduce Them To Music

You can also use the quarantine period as a time to introduce your child to music. Music is therapeutic and helps alleviate the anxiety this crisis brings. If you know how to play a musical instrument and your child is old enough to pick it up, why not pass on the knowledge to them? If you have a toddler, on the other hand, you can buy them toy instruments for starters and let them have a feel of it.

A lot of celebrities and musicians are also holding live concerts at this time that you can watch with your kids. Or if your kid is into dancing, playing out exciting music for them can help them hone their talent.

Teach Them A Recipe

With many restaurants closing for business, you can take this time to teach your kids how to cook or bake. You can have them help with the preparation when you’re preparing a dish for your mealtime. You can also teach them family recipes and follow instructions from a kid’s cookbook. You’ll not only teach them how to cook, but they can also learn how to measure ingredients precisely.

Damon Korb, M.D., points out that, “This break is an opportunity for all of us to get back to the basics and get out of our digital lives. Don’t look at these activities as just chores, but things that your young adult will someday need to be able to do on their own.”

Do A Science Experiment

Simple science experiments can teach kids how things work in a fun way. You can show them how chemical reactions work through a classic volcano experiment or create a DIY lava lamp to introduce some physics lessons. There are tons of science experiments and projects that you can do together with your kids. Check out Science Buddies for more ideas!

Reading and Storytelling

Learning should never stop even in quarantine. Take advantage of this time to read some new books for your child. If they are ready for chapter books, then you can take out your favorite books from the shelf and have them read it. If you have small kids, you can pick a children’s book and read it out loud to them.

Bring Out the Board Games and Mind Puzzles


Back in the days, you’ve probably spent vacation nights and family gatherings with your cousins playing Monopoly or Scrabble. Go old school and teach your child these games that you enjoyed before. It is not only a fun way to pass the time but also an opportunity to teach them skills and strategies while adding in some lessons while you’re playing.


Even amid a pandemic, your child doesn’t stop growing. You shouldn’t let this situation hinder their growth. They will carry their experience and memories of this period until adulthood. We hope that this article helped you come up with some exciting ideas on how you can spend this quarantine period with your child. Stay safe!

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