Misconceptions Stay-At-Home Dads Have To Deal With

The 2017 Fathers Conference welcomes fathers who would like to share their stories of resilience and rising against the norms of society. This event is essential, especially for stay-at-home dads who have to deal with various stereotypes wherever they go. Even though being a stay-at-home dad is gradually being accepted, they still get criticisms from people who lack an understanding of what they do.

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  • Fathers Are Not As Good As Mothers In Taking Care Of Their Children

A father and a mother are both humans capable of loving and taking care of their children. It can be hard at first, most importantly, if a dad is only starting on being a stay-at-home parent, but negative remarks won’t help them learn. Sex shouldn’t matter in rearing a child, love and responsibility are the most valuable things in being a parent. 

  • Stay-At-Home Dads Should Look For A Job

Not everyone has the same life condition as you. If the employment of a mother is what the family needs to stay afloat, then someone has to take care of the kids to support her. Staying at home, taking care of the children, and doing housework are all notable jobs. 

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  • Dads Don’t Want To Stay At Home

Not all dads are the same. You’ll be surprised how many fathers want to spend time with their children instead of being in the office. Some dads do decide to stay at home and are not forced or got laid off. And some mothers do want to work and advance their careers. There’s nothing wrong about it as well.  

  • A Stay-At-Home Dad Loses His Masculinity

The thinking of someone losing their masculinity just because they decided to stay at home must end now. A woman’s or a man’s job is socially constructed. It has never been the truth. Women don’t have to be the one staying at home, and men don’t have to be the breadwinners. A parent’s role is to be responsible, and if this set-up fits in their family’s condition, then that is all that matters.