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Parental Unit Type #1 – The “Dirty Look” Parent (DLP)

This dad has it all.

“Dirty Look” parents, or DLPs, are better than you and they know it. You suck because they have all the latest stuff for their kids and you don’t. They belong on the Neiman Marcus side of the mall and you should stay on the Sears side. The play area is much too bourgeois for them, and rarely will you see them venture from the cafe.

Their kids can do things that yours can’t do, and they did it all earlier. They raise their kids right, you raise yours wrong, and that gives them the right to glare at you in stuck-up disbelief if your 3-year-old acts like a 3-year-old. Did I mention you suck, and their stroller costs about $1400 more than yours?

Of course, none of this is true because of the DLPs delusions of grandeur. The main evidence of this is that their 5-year-old still needs a pacifier. This is backed up by the kid’s bad behavior that the parent is completely oblivious to. The real villain here is you, because you don’t love your child enough to buy them a tablet PC with a custom stroller attachment.


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You and your kid will get a dirty look for just about anything when dealing with the DLP, so the best way to deal with them? Don’t even try.