What Is Parent Counseling? A Better Parent

Parents counseling? How does parent counseling works? Can parents benefit from counseling?

Parent counseling helps improve relationships with children. Photo takes after parent counseling
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 Crossing the bridge into fatherhood spans a life stage where both King roles (as Provider, Rule Maker, Protector) and Lover roles (as Birth Coach, Intimate Partner, Co-Caregiver) carry less impact than before. There is a new game afoot. — Jonathan Bartlett, MA, MFT

Counseling For Soon To Be Dads

What does parent counseling involve? How can parent counseling help parents (fathers in this case) improve their relationships with their children? Is parent counseling really effective for reducing the stresses? Know more about parent counseling.

Parenthood is not an easy place to be in, and being a parent is not something you can leave when it gets hard. I have to admit I’m still in shock and new to this whole different world. Unlike women who played pretend-to-be-mom growing up, I played cars and toy guns. It seemed like chaos was the ultimate fun!  

Parent Counseling

I had mixed emotions when I first learned I was going to be a parent. I was excited to see a little me, but at the same time scared that I might not be the best for him. I might fail him as a parent. In that sense, I’m talking about giving him the best life he could have. I never want him to ask “Why can’t I have that?” 

I had to motivate myself for counseling.

I had to go to counseling for parents to help me find the courage to take risks and man up to my parenting responsibility. If I could share the things I’ve learned with my fellow parents, I would gladly. Parent counseling really helped me a lot.

 Being a good father is a tough job, but also a rewarding one that brings out the best in men, for the benefit of families and, ultimately, of society. — Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Parent Counseling

How it Improves Parenthood

How To Be A Good Parent: 

  1. Picture the man you want your son to be and be it as a parent. You are one real example of the things your son can be. Don’t go reminding him of being mindful of where he’s stepping. Remember that he’s is walking in your footsteps, so you be careful as his parent. 
  2. Teach your son the real essence of a man – to protect not just the women but those who cannot defend themselves. Train him to be the protector of all that is good. 
  3. Discipline him not to be selfish and to be a leader who envisions the wellness of everyone. Make him understand the difference between people following you out of fear versus respect. 
  4. Educate him that true riches are not material things. You are rich when you are loved and contented with what you gain without having to hurt and belittle anyone. 

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Parent counseling requires father and son to talk intimately.
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 Many people have a child and then realize all the stuff they thought they figured out is still there. That’s fine. — Justin Lioi, LCSW

Parent Counseling


Counseling particularly parent counseling, made me realize that parenthood is not just about being able to provide them with material things as a parent. It’s about filling up our children’s souls with all the goodness there is. I know that this world is not always rainbows and butterflies and winning is not about how big the weapon you hold in your arms. It is about how big your parent’s heart is to show compassion and contribute to the wellness of the people around you. 

Parent Counseling

Being a father is not a simple task. It takes a real man to stick around and stand up for his kid. I realized that parenthood is not a mark of a hindrance to my goals in life but an opportunity to fulfill my purpose as a parent.