The Discussion On The 2014 El Cajon Parenting Education Seminar

Through the specialized sessions of parental coaching, the 2014 El Cajon Parenting Education Seminar provides extensive advice for parents who want to know more about the proper handling of their children. Some qualified professionals assist and share information about kids’ different behaviors and cognitive approach. Experts also tackle topics concerning children’s mental and emotional health

“New Dad, That Baby Won’t Break!”

6 Newborn Tips For First-Time Fathers Dear first-time daddies, let me start off by saying your new baby isn’t breakable. Go on, and carry him (or her) in your arms. Trust me; the first time is the best feeling! (One veteran dad gives six pieces of timely advice for first-timers in the “daddyhood” neighborhood.)

The World Needs Dads!

Source: 5 Reasons Why Fathers And Father Figures Matter, Says Science Some scientific studies prove that an involved father and stepfather or having a great father figure significantly impacts the life of a child showing that this is more than just an urban legend.