Therapists’ Guide To Being A Great Dad




Each passing year, more parenting tips emerge on the news and social media. However, it seems as if being a father continues to be a demanding task. In fact, being a dad during these times can be more difficult because our roles have inevitably altered without us noticing. Now, we are expected to preserve the traditional importance of being the provider in the family. Most dads are prepared to face this challenge, perhaps with some help. You do not have to do heavy reading just to become a good parent.

This therapists’ guide to being a great dad will offer you some useful ideas based on available studies to get a better understanding of how to become a cool and great dad in this hectic and messy world.

Practice Self-Care And Self-Love

You should remember to love and care for yourself first before you can give love to others – and this includes your kids. It is a fact that kids take up a lot of your time, particularly when they are still small, but you must spend time for yourself and take care of your mental and physical health. After all, your kids rely on you, so you must be healthy and strong for them.

Firstly, take into account a physical activity that you can include in your daily routine. For most new fathers, when life becomes chaotic with a new baby, physical activity is among the first things to consider. This is quite sensible, as a lot of parents get weary and fatigued. However, we are all aware that exercise clears the mind, enhances mood, increases focus, and strengthens you mentally and physically. So put on those gloves or those running shoes and have a short run initially around the neighborhood. Or you can lift weights in the gym.

Are you a thrill-seeker? Communing with nature is also a great way of caring for yourself while doing what you love, particularly with your family and close friends. If you want adventure, mountain biking, rock climbing, or river rafting are amazing activities that can get you outdoors with the ones you love. Whatever you decide to do, remember to seize the moment and indulge in the liberty and freedom that comes with the outdoors.


Family/Work Balance

Family and work-life balance are beneficial if you strive to become a great dad. Some states and countries have implemented laws for paternal leave and versatile schedules for fathers. Nevertheless, there are various methods that dads can follow as well.

Maintaining adequate personal limitations around home and work is crucial. On the other hand, this is much easier said than done. All fathers – and mothers – struggle with keeping work outside of the home, either being mentally bothered about it or literally finishing deadlines at home even when it’s supposed to be spent with family.

Try Doing Simple Rituals

No, this is not about religious rituals, which actually depends on you if you want to practice or not. But over the years, your kids will greatly benefit from recurring activities that you can consistently do together. Almost all children are love to be told bedtime stories, while some also get excited when they take baths with their daddy, especially for the little ones. These are only some of many easy-to-do parenting rituals.

Family rituals fortify bonds, specifically between dad and son. Research shows that this kind of behavior is typical in spouses who are satisfied with their marriage. Additionally, some parenting techniques could influence mental health in children and adolescence, including the practice of family routines such as the ones mentioned above.

Being The Father That Your Child Needs

For several years, we have come to understand how vital it is for kids to have a profound emotional connection with their dads or guardians. This initial connection with dad and mom gives rise to the reassurance and stability that kids need to embrace an efficient social experience as they grow up. Meaning that your kids require you to be their first best friend.


The description above is known as the attachment theory. Current studies have shown that it remains to be important in today’s society. If you exert more energy into building a robust emotional and physical connection with your kids, this will definitely have a reflective influence on their social life up until adulthood.

Be particularly observant, as when kids feel stressed or puzzled, they begin demonstrating attachment behavior. It is a crucial moment when you can be a strong support system when you have to be.


Being an awesome father is not hard to achieve if you really love your kids, love yourself, and spend sufficient time with your family. Remember to balance family and work activities, the significance of hearing your kids out, and being prepared to listen to their worries whenever necessary. By doing all these and loving them sincerely, you are surely on your way to being the dad that you – and your kids- want to be.