Tips On How A First Time Dad Should Prepare For Labor And Delivery

When preparing for the delivery of our much-awaited bundle of joy, the focus of the attention is the mother. Of course, she should be. She is the one experiencing the physical and emotional changes while carrying the baby, but that does not mean we have to put aside the fathers. They also play a significant role in delivering the baby. It is vital that they know what they should and should not do during labor and delivery.


Dos During Labor And Delivery:

  • Make preparations like going to a childbirth class, reading a book for new dads, or browsing the internet to search for advice. There you will learn the stages of labor and the equipment to be used, so you would most likely learn what to expect when your wife is in the delivery room.


  • Prepare the nursery room, so all is ready when your wife and a new baby arrives. You and your wife have probably taken care of this month’s back, but it is never too late to do some finishing touches. You can also check if you have everything on your list already like alcohol, wipes, and other baby stuff.


  • Make some calls to families who you and your wife are excited to tell the news to, and ask for some assistance if there are things that are needed to be done or left undone.


  • Talk to your wife lovingly and give her words of comfort and optimism. Reassure her that you will always be by her side and that it will be over soon enough.


  • Make sure that you are free of any obligations from work or such. Clear your schedule and make sure that all your attention is on your wife giving birth to your baby.


Dont’s During Labor And Delivery:

  • Never whine or complain that you are sleepy or uncomfortable. For instance, you have been holding your wife’s back for some time, and you feel a little numb or your legs are already cramping, imagine how she is feeling. You could probably hold on for a bit longer.


  • Never answer business calls while your wife is on labor. Even if she tells you to distance yourself a bit and although she might seem a little busy with what’s going on with her, she still knows what you are doing because you might be one of the two people she thinks about at the moment – you and your baby.


  • Avoid taking pictures or videos unless she told you so. Some women are uncomfortable being photographed or recorded while pushing a baby out. If you want to do it, and you are sure that she would love it too after she sees it, place the recorder somewhere in the room where it would be unnoticeable.


  • Under no circumstances should you yell or complain to your wife. If you are nervous and pressured by everything she asks you to do, remember that she is in so much pain and there is no other way to act but to act in pain.

The presence of the father is vital during labor and delivery. He provides emotional support to the mother who may be experiencing the most painful yet magical and fulfilling day of her life. As her partner, make sure that you know how to your part and do it the best way you can.