Why Daddy Needs To Stay In The Bleachers While Mom Is In The Delivery Room

Having a supportive husband is everything. It makes every challenge easy and exciting. The thought of you and him fighting against all the odds is genuinely touching, but what about during childbirth? Is it advisable for dads to be present and be in the game while moms are pushing, or should they stay in the bleachers to wait?

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Some women may prefer their husbands to be there, especially those who are afraid of childbirth, and there are also those who may prefer them not to be around.


Here Are The Reasons Why Dad Should Stay In The Bleachers Instead:


  1. He tends to overreact during labor and delivery. It typically happens to a first-time dad who never attended a childbirth class. He does not have an idea about what to expect when the time comes and is often overwhelmed with the events during labor. Of course, he does not want to see his wife suffer, and when he sees her in so much pain, he loses it.


  1. She might rely on him so much. When a woman is in so much pain, she could not control what she does or what she says. There are times she asks things from her husband like pulling her up, and when he does not know what to do, she gets mad. There are also stories where wives would curse at their husbands because of the unbearable pain they are feeling.


  1. He might intervene with the procedure and disturb the medical team. Some medical equipment might be new to the husband and may ask every time what the doctor is doing. Also, some doctors or OB/GYN (obstetrician-gynecologist) have a particular style when doing childbirth. They would talk to the midwives or other members of the medical team about something not related to what is currently happening in the delivery room that would divert the mother’s attention. She may feel the pain, but her mind is processing what she hears around her.


  1. She tends to exaggerate her emotions. Although there is no exaggerating when it comes to childbirth as it may be the most painful natural event that could happen to a woman, but during labor and she is experiencing so much pain, she might whine more than she would have when he is not around. When there is only the medical team, she knows she has to be strong. When the husband is there, she may want more loving from him.


  1. There are those dads who are too excited to update the whole family about what is happening in the delivery room. He might not be able to control it and take a video or photos while his wife is giving birth, and this may add to the discomfort she is feeling. Although women do not care about anything anymore while they are pushing, it can still add to the uneasiness she is feeling emotionally.
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The support of the husbands are essential during labor and delivery, and while most of the wives would prefer their husbands to be beside them while they are battling with painful childbirth, there are also those who would feel stronger when they do it alone. Regardless of whether he is around or not during delivery, it is vital that every father knows that this is just the first stage of the challenging world of parenthood, and there is undoubtedly more to come.