The Discussion On The 2014 El Cajon Parenting Education Seminar

Through the specialized sessions of parental coaching, the 2014 El Cajon Parenting Education Seminar provides extensive advice for parents who want to know more about the proper handling of their children. Some qualified professionals assist and share information about kids’ different behaviors and cognitive approach. Experts also tackle topics concerning children’s mental and emotional health including the issues related to their relationship with people. The effects of psychological damages become part of the conversation too.


The Agenda

One of the main essences of the parenting education seminar is to help parents become aware of their kids’ mental needs. From there, the scale of the topics grows bigger as the discussion takes time. These include child dependency, post-traumatic stress disorder, effects of violence, sexual assault, drugs and alcohol abuse, social and community involvement and more. Though the seminar is all about parenting, they also provide tips for therapy, stress and medication management for kids. It enhances children’s health and development that is beneficial for families who face stressors and hardships.


Another critical factor that the seminar aims to send out to parents is the evidence-based parenting style. These include focused-caring for children and babies that aged from two to twelve years old. The scope of the discussion consists of postpartum, school preparation, community contribution, and a lot more. Since parents differ in parenting, the seminar also offers parenting and co-parenting classes. These are beneficial for a more diverse way of handling kids, especially on different levels and needs.

The seminar intends to inspire parents to look for effective ways to deal with their kids and not only to stick with the norms. Since children nowadays are becoming more aggressive, intolerable, unpredictable, and out of reach, the parenting styles should also consider an upgrade. There should be a program that increases the level of safety and well-being of both parents and kids that won’t compromise their relationship.