5 Reasons Why Some Dads Prefer Daughters

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A woman fortunate enough to have had a good father is a woman as lucky as an heiress. Even if in his will, her father cannot leave her a dime, she accumulates riches vast and secure enough to help her through the toughest parts of life. — Gina Barreca Ph.D.

Some daddies, especially those who have experienced fathering both genders, say they enjoy being a daddy to a daughter. It doesn’t mean they love their sons less. It just means some things bring them a unique feeling and experience in raising their daughters. You can even see men on social media who may look and seem rough but are so gentle and loving to their daughters. Things like these make our hearts melt. So why is it that fathers tend to be more emotionally attached to their daughters?

What Are The Reasons Why Daddy Favors His Baby Girl?

  1. Daddy Is Her First Love.

The father is the first man in his daughter’s life, and that thought inspires the father to be more careful with his baby girl. She is fragile and like a precious gem that needs protection. A daughter gives her father the feeling of authority because he is the only protector.

  1. A Daughter Is The Only Other Woman He Is Allowed To Love.

Aside from his wife, mother, and girl siblings, a man is only allowed to love his daughter as much or even more. There is joy in the feeling that someone so pure needs his love and protection. A husband loves his wife, but there are things they disagree about most of the time. A daughter does not complain and is probably obedient to all her father’s rules.

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  1. A Daughter Is Expressive.

They say that women are more expressive of their emotions. Daughters too are gentler and sweeter. There is something about how they talk that mesmerizes not just dads but everyone. Notice how baby girls speak slower and softer and often cuddle or cling more. Most of the girl toddlers need the feeling of security from their dads compared to boys who are very adventurous and independent.

According to a Pew Research Center report, the number of stay at home dads who care for their children has jumped significantly over the last two decades. — Susan Newman Ph.D.

  1. There Is No Comparison Between Daddy And Daughter.

There is no comparison between fathers and daughters because they are physically opposite. They are like yin and yang that represent balance. An older male adult is incomparable to a girl toddler even if you go back to his child version.

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It should equally fall on us dads to sing out what cooing, emotionally sensitive sounds we can muster. We can forge paths in our brains, enabling us to feel a maternal grizzly fierceness to satisfy our children. — Jonathan Bartlett, MA, MFT

  1. Daddy Is Excited To Do Things He Never Did.

A daughter loves a lot of girl things like playing tea parties and dolls, wearing gowns and tiaras, watching Winx or Barbie, and pretending to be Elsa or Anna. These are the things a father could never have experienced when he was little, and somehow, these are exciting things to do with someone who loves it. It somehow gives a sense of humor to his identity, and that is okay. In fact, fathers love it! It is a unique kind of fun that makes their hearts laugh too.

Fathers have different preferences when it comes to their children’s gender. Some may prefer a boy and some a girl, but no matter what they turn to be, a father will always be a father. He will still be the strength and courage of his children. He is the one they will look up to and turn to when they are afraid. A father will always be the guardian and protector and someone who will love his children unconditionally may they be a girl or a boy.