5 Guaranteed Activities To Boost Father-Son Bonding

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Most fathers underestimate the importance of frequent bonding with their sons. Fathers play an essential part in their son’s lives. Leave it out, and it will create a massive gap in your son’s life.

Perhaps, you’re a family man working hard to make ends meet. You would rather spend time working than hanging out with your son. Even though you work hard enough, it would be meaningless if you could not instill the value and traits that your son would need in the future. Think about this; your son is waiting for you most nights (and weekends) to spend quality time with you. Know your child further through spending time with him.

Men who report having had supportive, attentive fathers reacted to stress less emotionally and reported significantly fewer stressful situations in their daily lives. Those whose fathers were less attentive were more likely to become upset by social interactions. — John Smith Ph.D.

Are you aware that a child’s love language is through quality time? Surprise, surprise! Kids feel loved when their parents spend time with them. Be reminded that is not advisable that you leave your child in front of a screen all the time. They may enjoy watching TV, but that doesn’t address your child’s needs entirely.

This is why learning how to bond is a priority especially for first time dads who would want to know which particular activities will entice their kids to have fun with them. For starters, one must allocate time and patience for these activities. You may ask how you would address the needs of your son for more interaction?


We have put together a list to make it easier for you to choose activities that will surely work for you!


  1. Help Your Son To Love Music And Play An Instrument

Most parents believe that when children listen to classical music, it stirs their cognitive abilities. More so if he learns how to play an instrument. It develops hand-eye coordination, recognition of tone, pitch, and tempo. These are skills beneficial to him as he grows older.

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  1. Introduce Your Son To Sports

It’s never too early to acquaint your child with any sport. Engaging in sports teaches your son valuable life lessons he will use not just as a player but as an individual.

Teamwork, hard work, sacrifice, and dedication are some of the traits that he will gain in joining team sports. Meanwhile, honesty, focus, and humility are mostly acquired in individual sports.

As a distraction from loss, as a driver for cognitive growth, and as an arena for physical stimulation, play helps our kids develop more independent ways to get their basic needs met. — Jonathan Bartlett, MA, MFT

  1. Watch A Live Game Together

They say it’s different when you watch a live game compared to watching it on TV. Watching live sports games gives him a more prominent perspective on the game he is interested in. It also provides a deeper appreciation of the sport.

Moreover, it allows increased interaction between you and your little man.


  1. Organize Exclusive Father-Son Trips

Going to a beach? Climbing a hill? Or going fishing? These are just a few of the recommended activities you and your son can share to increase your bond.

Doing these activities develops a deeper level of trust between father and son. It also gives him the confidence to do things independently as your child observes how you think, act, and decide given specific situations.

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  1. Eat Together

Eating with your son can show that you’re open to sharing your life with him. May it is at home or a restaurant, sharing a meal with your son allows you more time to share ideas, experiences, and thoughts.

Moreover, you can even opt to cook a barbecue with your son, just to increase bonding time. Whether it’s just a regular weekend or on the Fourth of July, eating together should always be considered an important time to bond.

The point of quality time is a good one – what one does with one’s child is more important than one’s mere physical presence, even if prolonged. — Christopher Peterson Ph.D.

As they say, for a young man to know how to live, someone has to show him the right way. As fathers, that’s our job.